October 17, 2016

Is this a question?

I watched Elon Musk’s webcast of his presentation about interplanetary travel a few weeks ago.  At the end there were questions from the audience.  It’s always […]
October 13, 2016

I’m not sure I can help you

‘Solutions’ is a remarkably popular word in business. It crops up in ads, mailings, CVs, company names and cheesy corporate gifts all the time. I did a […]
October 12, 2016

I bought a pale blue dot

I bought a packet of round pale blue stickers today.  They’re the sort that go on to calendar charts in the office to mark out the […]
October 7, 2016


The peculiar thing about markets or currencies is that their value is almost entirely based on faith and perception.  Anything that has a ‘value’ is assessed […]
October 6, 2016

Capital Markets PR with a bit more oomph

Aeons ago when I was director of media relations at Dixons Retail I used to take the view that the set-piece announcements in the financial reporting […]
October 6, 2016

Concrete ears

The Greatstone Sound Mirrors, massive concrete listening devices shaped like crude ears, were built in marshland in Kent in the late 1920s as part of Britain’s […]
October 3, 2016

The golden age of presidential gaffes

Here are five major gaffes from previous presidential campaigns.  Dan Quayle, in the first, offers his chin to Lloyd Bentsen.  In the second, Nixon outsweats Kennedy.  In […]
September 15, 2016

Breaking Space News

Consider the maths… Houston PR has been trading for 9 years.   Radio waves travel at the speed of light.   The nearest habitable planet is […]
September 15, 2016

Facing the wrong way

I had a horrible realisation the other day: I am officially old. I had this epiphany in a tunnel at St. Pancras station. I’d seen a […]
September 14, 2016

Dull mobs

While I was thinking about flash mobs, I did the thing that everyone always does when ever they think about anything: I read the Wikipedia page. […]
July 7, 2016

It’s A Mystery

The news has been pretty bleak recently – well, pretty much all year to be honest – and so this story on the BBC website yesterday was […]
July 7, 2016

Handwritten blog post no.1

July 5, 2016

Metal words

This article has been floating around Facebook and recently caught my eye. A data scientist has performed a linguistic analysis of heavy metal lyrics to determine […]
June 30, 2016

Future Shock

It’s fair to say that the last week has been rather eventful. Resignations and recriminations have dominated the headlines and will continue to do so for […]
June 27, 2016


I watched the Coldplay set at Glastonbury, mud and Tom Watson-free from the sofa, on BBC 2 last night.  They are masters of the powerful emotional […]
June 27, 2016

Wishful thinking

Proposed joint statement from the leaders of the UK’s main political parties: “Last week the British people voted in an advisory referendum to indicate whether they […]
June 13, 2016

Ratings v Votes

On Thursday, Britain became the world’s largest reality TV programme.  ‘Housemates’ were asked to do the equivalent of calculate Pi to 140 decimal places using mental […]
June 12, 2016

EU said what?

Here’s a cherry-picked list of links to EU rebuttals of some of the headlines that appear in the media about alleged EU excesses and allegations of […]
June 7, 2016

Happy VCR Day

Part of my morning routine is to visit a site called  Collected on the site, by an enthusiast, based in the US, is a list […]
June 4, 2016

RIP, The Greatest

When I was a kid growing up in the middle of nowhere in Australia there was a local run-of-the-mill department store chain called Norman Ross. In […]
June 2, 2016


A few examples of the corrosive effect of notoriety. Here’s an extract from Nick Bryant’s piece from the BBC News website this morning referencing a Trump […]
May 27, 2016

Ethical Chip Disposal

I like chips. We all like chips. Chips are so great that even chips like chips: I’ve never quite understood the physiology of that man. Are […]
May 20, 2016

Vacancy: Restless Manager

I spotted a post this morning from Mark Adams, which referenced a recruitment ad for a Content Manager that he’d seen.  Mark’s question was why nobody […]
May 18, 2016

Things that make us smile

This ingredients label.   This piece of Victorian gym equipment.   This horse bike.   This cartoon from the New Yorker, which is in our view […]
May 18, 2016

Guest post: “Good day, young man…”

We’re pleased to publish this post from Jasmine Wheelhouse, a talented young writer and recent graduate from St Andrew’s University. “Good day, young man…”  …he said, […]