December 2, 2015

Cut and paste Christmas thank you letter

It’s the time of the year when many parents spend too much time reminding their kids to send thank you letters to Uncle Keith and Auntie […]
November 24, 2015

Concept Album Talks: Pet Sounds

  Thank you to everyone who came along to the Old Bank Of England pub on Fleet Street last night for the second of our Concept […]
November 8, 2015

Some free writing and PR tools that we’ve created

Over the last few years we’ve created a few tools that I thought might be useful for writers, other PR professionals or small businesses.  They’re all about […]
November 5, 2015

The market value of your CEO

Over the last month Houston PR has been working on a report examining the role of the CEO in corporate communications. One of the most interesting […]
November 5, 2015

An astronaut’s view on John Lewis

  The John Lewis Christmas ad, due to appear tomorrow, if rumours are correct, looks to be about a more recent legend than the conventional Christmas […]
November 4, 2015

Next Concept Album Talks: Pet Sounds, November 23rd

Please note: NEW VENUE: Old Bank of England pub, 194 Fleet St, London EC4A 2LT, starting at 6pm A while back we held our first Concept Album […]
November 2, 2015

Twitter on the psychiatrist’s couch

  An amateur psychiatrist’s perspective on what might be wrong with Twitter: Twitter incentivises behaviours. Twitter encourages care, wit, cleverness, etc – and it encourages vitriol. […]
October 31, 2015


Back in the 1970s, growing up in Canberra, Australia, I became an addict. Canberra, until 1977, had two black and white television stations – CTC 7, […]
October 27, 2015

Tech PR expertise

One of our areas of expertise is PR and brand communications for tech companies.  Our most recent work has included the launch of the most comprehensive […]
September 10, 2015

“Isn’t that incredible?”

Imagine if a company had such a strong brand that you could tell what company it was even if the words it used didn’t make a […]
September 10, 2014

The ‘nah, it’ll never happen’ campaign

We had another chat in the office this morning about the independence referendum. Today we had a pre-mortem, asking ourselves what went wrong in the event […]
September 7, 2014

Those nice bright colours

I’ve been on holiday in Sicily for a couple of weeks. I’ve had Francis Fukuyama and Watts Wacker rumbling around in my head. Fukuyama is famous […]
August 22, 2014

Wearables, “nearables”, “spearables”, “unbearables”, etc

Our anti-buzzword software has picked up the emergence of “nearables”.  We’re working on a fix.  Here are a few others that we’re zapping…. Beerables – shaped […]
August 21, 2014

About my dad

Here are some words I said about my dad at his funeral in Australia in 2014. Dad was born in Newport, Gwent, South Wales on October 6th, 1935, […]
August 17, 2014

Rupert Bear, futurologist

As part of our research for a client I have been shopping on eBay for antiques.  During that research I came across a postcard from the […]
August 13, 2014

The 20th century died yesterday at the age of 114

The 20th century died yesterday at the age of 114. It was a rich and at times joyous life, though not without tragedy. At 14, 20thC, […]
August 4, 2014

The power of the lens

Ed Miliband has been criticised today for apparently failing to put a personal message on the card attached to the wreath that he laid to commemorate […]
August 1, 2014

Friday feeling? We’re recruiting.

              We’re looking for an account director to join Houston PR at our offices at Somerset House in London. If […]
August 1, 2014

Trade secret: the Periodic Table of Story Elements

PR is a game of chance.  There, I’ve said it.  There are rarely guarantees of success, unless, of course, you are announcing an immortality pill, the […]
July 30, 2014

19th century YouTube

Lots of people in the PR profession are gnashing their teeth again about how it all needs to change. “The old PR agency is no longer […]
July 28, 2014

The 24 minute news cycle

  Much talk about the logic (or otherwise) of Ed Miliband’s admission that the Wallace and bacon sandwich things have caught the eye. Many are saying […]
July 24, 2014

New campaign: Abandon all hope

I just had an email from a journalist asking me to start a campaign to end the use of “I hope you’re well” in emails from […]
July 20, 2014

‘Launch’ needs a new definition

Here are a few definitions of launch: launch1 lɔːn(t)ʃ/ verb: launch; 3rd person present: launches; past tense: launched; past participle:launched; gerund or present participle: launching 1. […]
July 20, 2014

Welcome to Houston

We have some news… We’ve just sent up the world’s highest press release to announce that we are shaking off our old company name.  Today we’re […]
June 9, 2014

All your ‘reached peak’ needs catered for here

Sixty-one years ago next Thursday, Edmund Hillary and Tenzing Norgay reached peak Everest. Today, “reached peak” has become the default phrase for describing an eclectic array […]