January 18, 2016

The ‘value’ of the CEO

More information: Hamish Thompson 07702 684290 POLL FINDS THAT EXCEPTIONAL CEOS MAY BE WORTH MORE THAN THE BUSINESSES THAT THEY LEAD An international poll of analysts, City […]
January 15, 2016

The rise of the bench

Benches are in. Shoreditch is littered with them. I recently moved and am learning that, when I walk anywhere, I am sharing half of the pavement […]
January 12, 2016

“A lot of what I am is my enthusiasms”

A terrific interview with David Bowie, sparkling with wisdom.
January 7, 2016

2016 predictions

OK, I’m a little late with my homework.  Here are my predictions for PR and brand communications and marketing for 2016.  I’d be glad to debate […]
January 6, 2016

There is no new. There is only now.

There is no new. There is only now. The concept of new is past its sell by date. The smart money these days is in useful. […]
January 3, 2016

What next?

2015 was a great year. We did some terrific work (even if I do say so myself). I made some mistakes and learned from them (as […]
January 2, 2016

Case study: 100ft below ground

Over the last couple of years we have been working with, and advising, Growing Underground, London’s first subterranean farm. The project has been led by inspiring entrepreneurs Richard […]
December 31, 2015

10 Things that became A Thing in 2015

10 things that became A Thing in 2015 Furry loafers Kid Goat meat Mindful gifting #ObiQuiet The Dress Cereal Cookbook Concept Album Talks Theories on how […]
December 30, 2015

The return of silent cinema?

I’ve long been a fan of the podcast Answer Me This by Helen Zaltzman and Olly Mann, and indeed appeared as a guest on Helen’s other […]
December 23, 2015

Pre-emptive Christmas Facebook status updates for kids

Steven appreciates that whilst it is Christmas, it is really important that he focuses on intensive fact-finding for his Year 7 essay on morality and the […]
December 23, 2014

Houston PR review of the year 2014

Happy Christmas from Houston PR!  It has been a momentous year for us, with so many highlights we don’t really know where to start.  Some of […]
December 23, 2014

Chips and mayonnaise as protest

The Belgian Prime Minister had chips and mayonnaise thrown at him today. A quick glance at the Internet reveals the other things that have been thrown […]
December 23, 2014

Everything you need to know about 2014

Top 25 viral Tumblr blogs of 2014 ‘Happy’ by Pharrell was named ‘Song of the Year’ by Spotify World Cup was the most tweeted event in […]
December 22, 2014

Sandwich boards

Since I started walking around London with my space suit and my board on I’ve become interested in the history of sandwich boards.  They date back, […]
December 21, 2014

New business idea: Prey

  Over breakfast I was watching the squirrels eating all the bird food. It got me thinking about the point of squirrels (the way in the […]
December 16, 2014

Christmas Serial: episode 1

  I was reading something about Christmas music today and I was struck by the idea that two of the most famous Christmas songs in Britain […]
December 16, 2014

How to kill internal debates about language

Prior to setting up Houston PR I was director of media relations for Dixons Retail, owner of Currys, Dixons and PC World. Like all big businesses […]
December 9, 2014

2014: A space oddity

It has been an action packed year. We moved to Somerset House in London, something that I already wish we’d done years ago.  It is a […]
December 5, 2014

10 Things You Need To Know About This Week

Top 10 geo-tagged locations on Instagram iOS users have more money than Android users New filters on Twitter… but does it beat Instagram? Colour of 2015 […]
December 5, 2014

My new suit

I bought a space suit a month ago. It’s not a real one, but it looks fairly realistic. It comes from a company called Space Toys […]
December 2, 2014

Houston PR Instruction Manual

Houston PR: Instructions for use Once purchased and unpacked, for a quick start, just plug Houston in and turn it on. Read directions at your leisure, […]
November 28, 2014

10 Things You Need To Know About This Week

A new billboard in Times Square is the biggest EVER. Costs $2.5million for 4 weeks, making it the most expensive ad space in the world. TGI […]
November 28, 2014

New tech term: ‘planned obfuscation’

November 21, 2014

Bruce Willis, indestructible sofas and Rupert the Bear

Today I’ve set myself the random task of writing something that includes: Bruce Willis The Renaissance astronomer Copernicus Rupert the Bear Indestructible sofas Crotchety journalists Illuminated […]
November 14, 2014

10 Things To Know About This Week

Amazon is testing drones (so close to Christmas… again) This whole post is written by keyboard suggestions Now trending on Vine: Hitting that Raven and Fire Alarm […]